Workshop of teachers on 'Class Interaction'

“The strength of our student relationships makes the difference in
translating our passion for teaching into their passion for learning.”
- Beth Morrow Keeping this thought in mind and to ensure the progress of the school, it is imperative to keep the teachers well-informed with the changing trends in education and various creative teaching techniques.  As part of this enterprise, RPS International School Sec 50 Gurugram organized a workshop for the teachers on Wednesday, 21th January 2020 on the topic ‘Class interaction’.  The highly knowledgeable resource person
and the Founder director of Excellence Educo Mr. Bhaavesh Suryakant conducted the workshop.
Mr. Bhaavesh started the workshop with an ice breaker, sharing his
experiences and knowledge in this field. He apprised the teachers in
detail about creative thinking, communication skills, developing value system etc. During his interactive session Mr.Bhaavesh addressed the queries of the teachers. The workshop was informative and much

Lohri Celebrations

Lohri, a harvest festival  was celebrated at RPS International School Sec 50 Gurugram with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor.  Lohri marks the end of the winter season .Therefore, it is a seasonal festival. It is also considered a harvest festival and it is an important day for the farmers. Amidst the cold weather of new year 2020, the school staff experienced some respite as they were involved in a spirit of celebrating Lohri, the festival of holy bonfire. The School Principal Mrs. Bindu Gupta lit the fire. Everyone worshipped the holy fire and groundnuts and sweets were also distributed to all. After Poojan, everyone danced and sang around the bonfire. Giddha and Bhangra Dance was performed by the teachers. They sang the traditional song ”Dulla Bhatti Wala”.Entire campus boomed with ecstasy as the teachers celebrated Lohri and welcomed new year with a lot of exuberance and fanfare. Mrs. Bindu Gupta greeted the teachers present on the occasion of the festival and stressed on the value …


" You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
Generating curiosity, through innovative thought provoking activities is what engages inquisitive and enthusiastic minds of early learners .... was discussed and talked about by Ms. Sonia Relia from Oxford University Press India.
Eye opening framework was discussed to enhance the effectiveness of
digital classrooms along with the complete involvement of all the children, how to enhance the knowledge and vocabulary, how kids can be involved in making the theme boards interesting and interactive, different working modules in pair, small groups, large groups , team and individual working are going to benefit the little ones. The session concluded with actionable insights to make the learning journey more impactful.
A truly inspiring and motivating workshop!!


The morning began on an interesting Assembly topic by the students of class UKG Aviator Bewick.
The tiny tots prepared the Assembly upon the 'Invention of fire'.Through a wonderful skit, they presented the story of the early stone age man and his very important discovery 'Fire'. They presented their talk and dance, which infused the audience with great excitement!
In the same forum we presented certificates to the winners of 'Hindi Recitation’ and 'Show and Tell' Competition of Nursery class.
We also felicitated the students who brought laurels to the school by participating in the ‘Inter School Athletics Competition’ held at Mount Olympus school.
Our Principal ma'am and Head Mistress ma'am did the honours and praised the efforts of the students and their mentors in putting up a great show!!


RPS sector 50 Gurugram strongly believes in the parent-school partnership!!
For the same, the morning of Saturday, 07-12-19 started with a positive hustle of parents coming to school for the PTM.
The day was extremely fruitful as constructive feedback was shared by the teachers to the parents w.r.t their academic and extra curricular performance. Steps and measures for improvement were also discussed for the holistic development of each child!!

Assembly by Pre-Primary

Today's Assembly of Pre Primary and Primary wing was led by students of class UKG.
The objective behind today's Assembly was to reiterate the message of having a clean and green world.
'Pollution and Solution'- Pollution is a menace and to overcome it we have to come together. This message was delivered through dance, song, skit and talks by the little wonders. Students participated with full vigour and excitement.
During the Assembly we presented awards to students who have won laurels at the Intra RPS Athletic competition and 'Global Star' awards to our Pre Primary and Primary students.
Principal ma'am and Head Mistress ma'am did the honours and acknowledged the efforts of Assembly students and their mentors.

Field trip to Fun Box

"Playing is such an important part of the healing process. Our spirit needs to frolic, So, we can return to innocence."
With this beautiful thought our enthusiast children of class Disney to II visited the vibrant play area ' OH MY GAME - FUN BOX' on Wednesday, 27 Nov'19. It was well equipped and offered a wide range of amusement activities to keep our children engaged and entertaining. It was a perfect arena where suspense, fun, excitement and adventure all came together and created memorable moments which our children will cherish forever.
They also had scrumptious meal with their peers and learnt about team building too.
It was truly a beautiful day!